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What is Click Above?

Click Above is an exciting new perspective on property development. We Look Above conventional floor space evaluation to discover and realise the untapped value and development potential of airspace...

This presents a brand new opportunity for freeholders particularly in high density, high value locations. Where space to extend out may be limited, the space to build up can offer limitless potential.

The results are unique and exciting luxury new homes with a view. We construct using innovative, low impact methods meaning disruption to the existing building is minimised while asset value, ground rent potential and overall presentation is maximised.

It's time to #lookup...

The Process

Property evaluation

Property evaluation

Free, no obligation evaluation to assess your property’s potential.

Legal agreement

Legal agreement

First payment to freeholder on contract exchange for purchase of airspace rights.

Planning agreement

Planning Approval

Second payment made on receipt of local authority planning agreement.

Project completion


Final payment made on full completion of development.